Receipt of a visa

Pilot provides a full package of services on registration of documents and preparing for an interview to get a tourist visa to the United States. Terms of business immigration or visa of another type, see Pilot intelligently guide you through all stages of processing in the US visa, will advice and practical help in gathering and completing documents.

  • Paying Fees
  • filling the electronic application form DS-160 in English. language
  • Entry to the interview at the US Embassy
  • the formation of a package of documents
  • book airfare and hotel
  • recommendations for the passage of interview
  • receipt of documents at the embassy

Obtaining a US visa complex process that requires specific knowledge and skills, the inaccuracy in the application form, the absence of the necessary document, uncertain answers to the interview with the visa officer may lead to a denial of a visa. Pilot The company has many years of experience of successful visa and will help you to get a visa to the United States as soon as possible.

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